Friday, March 16, 2018



  • The man had tanned wrinkled skin, and a blatant scar trekked across his right cheeks, amplifying his rugged features. 
  • The teenager had taut sinewy arms as a result of his regular gym sessions, enhancing his winsome looks. 
  • The elderly struggled to walk up the staircase as a result of his gaunt physique. 
  • The disheveled man sported a head of unkempt hair and a dirty pair of trousers, as he loitered the streets with a cigarette balanced on his thin lips. 
  • Decked up in professional suit and tie, John smiled brightly at his interviewers, revealing his dimples.
  • Josh boasted his wealth by being decked up in flashy designer clothing and stylish hairdo.
  • The chairman exuded an aura of authority as he pursed his thin lips and demanded an answer from his employee in a throaty voice. 


  • Amy's heart-shaped face is framed by her voluminous silky tresses, making heads turn as she sashayed down the runway with her long evening gown. 
  • Age appeared to have caught up with Tricia, as her once flawless skin is now wrinkled and dotted with age spots. Despite that, she still maintained her classy smile and elegant demeanor, drawing attention from everyone at the event. 
  • The elderly women walked with a limp, wheezing repeatedly, enhancing her frailness. 
  • Her brown almond-shaped eyes were complimented by her hazel brown hair, making her look alluring and mysterious. 
  • Tendrils of curly hair that had been highlighted a bright crimson red escaped from the confines of her cap and framed her oval-shaped face like a halo. 
  • Dressed in a simple blue dress and adorned with a pair of pear earrings, Emily looked like a refined young lady. 


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