Saturday, December 20, 2014

Act of mischief


  • Terror gripped his whole being as the bullies approached him with their signature roguish smirks.
  • On hearing the thundering footsteps of approaching menace, the poor boy broke into a brisk walk.
  • The notorious bullies cornered the poor boy at a secluded spot.
  • The threatening glares of the bully caused the girl to break out in cold sweat. 
  • The discipline master unleashed a terse lecture at the bullies' obnoxious behavior. 
  • With arms crossed in front of his barrel chest, the man demanded in a nasal whine that belied his built.
  • My heartbeat quickened as I stepped foot in the deserted school building, where the notorious boys are waiting for me.
  • The obnoxious bullies snickered rambunctiously as they leered at the poor boy who fell victim to their mischief. 
  • Traces of the misdemeanor were evidently visible in the classroom walls that were filled with unsightly graffiti. 
  • The discipline master interrogated the class succinctly in a grave tone but none of the culprits owned up, 
  • The two boys were wielding the brushes like swords, slashing them against the originally white-washed wall.
  • Throwing all caution to the wind, the boy started drawing haphazardly across the walls.
  • The mischievous kids began vandalizing the seats on the bus haughtily with penknives.


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  6. Wow.... your writing is good.... thanks for the phrases by the way their great

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